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Mail Marz vol 2 - the mailbag

Q.: Was wondering what your policy is on sketches and autographs at conventions: Do you charge for autographs? If so, how much and after how many, and do you have a limit? Do you charge for any type of sketch, and how much, and for what do you charge for? (eg. head sketches, mini-bust type sketches, full body sketches? What would you charge per different one?) That’s all that I am wondering. If you could get back to me that would be great because I would like to know before Emerald City Comic Con. Brian Jarrell Ron says:

I thought this was worth answering on the blog, just so everybody knows what’s what. I don’t charge for autographs. Never have, never will. If you bought the book, the least I can do is sign it. I’m also more than happy to personalize books, so don’t hesitate to ask. I also have no limit in terms of number of items I’ll sign. If you bring a hundred books, I’ll sign a hundred books. However, if you do bring a large number of books, I might ask that you bring them to me in batches, if others are waiting to get things signed. But I’ll absolutely sign everything you’ve got. I don’t really do sketches, since I can’t draw to save my life. I can manage a Green Lantern symbol, or maybe a samurai sword, but anything other than that is pretty much beyond my skill level. Sad but true. Obviously I don’t charge for these, uh, “sketches.” My convention schedule for early 2011, thus far, is Emerald City (Seattle) and MegaCon (Orlando) in March, Albany Comic Con in April, and then something overseas in May that I just accepted but hasn’t been announced yet. Cheers, Ron

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