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Introducing Mail Marz - the mailbag

Hi Ron, I was hoping to get some advice about how to construct panel counts. I'm a writer, not an artist, and I'm always fighting with how many or how few panels to use on any given page. I notice that you tend to stick with 4-5 panels, while Morrison swings from 3-9. Thank you for your time and I would appreciate any advice you could give. Best, Stephen Tramontana


Dear Mr. Marz, It took me a long time to really figure out what to write in this message, but I think all I want to say is “Thank you.”


Artifacts #1 was quite good. Will the art team remain the same on each issue or will each artifact have its “own” art team? After seeing his cover, any chance Dale Keown will be doing any interiors? I've enjoyed your writing since GL, but will you still accept the money I spend on your stuff if I watch Fox News and have the occasional conservative opinion? Thanks & have a great weekend, Jim


Twitter feed. I don’t hide that I’m a pretty liberal fellow, or that I think Sarah Palin is dumb as a stump. There are certainly pros that don’t make such views public, often because they don’t want to risk offending anyone and hurting their own sales. That’s certainly their right. My personal choice is to be as honest as I can be, to not hide who I am or what I think. I also don’t object to anyone else airing their views if they happen to differ from mine. I might disagree with what you say, and even debate you on it, but I will always defend your right to say it.

Hello, Ron! Huge fan of yours and of Top Cow comics in general. I have been picking up (for the past two months) every single back issue of the official Top Cow canon books (Witchblade, Darkness, Cyberforce, Universe, etc.). I am doing a mass reading of all of them starting next week, and plan on taking notes of every single issue to make a list of a basic chronological order that the Top Cow universe takes place in. It's daunting, yes, but it gives me a reason to read all of the back issues of Top Cow all over again. Any tips you could give me? Are there any obscure books that are part of the Top Cow universe that I may not know about? I plan on posting the list when all is said and done. Thank you, sir. Have a wonderful day! Keith Bunker

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