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Warlock: Rebirth

Marvel Comics
Warlock: Rebirth

Ron Marz and Ron Lim team up again to bring WARLOCK back in this Limited Series!

Marvel Comics

by Ron Marz and Ron Lim

WARLOCK: Rebirth - LAUNCHED! Get yours today!

WARLOCK: Rebirth - in stores now! Reviews and media is piling on in praise of the product the team of Ron Marz and Ron Lim have brought to the universe of Adam Warlock and the rest of us in the galaxy!

Check out the Marvel interview and launch article:

FREAKSUGAR interviewed Ron and drew out existential questions Adam Warlock - and Eve!

Interior art by Ron Lim - introducing Eve! Copyright Marvel Comics.

The folks at NewsARama/GamesRadar interviewed Ron and got more on Eve - and interior art from Ron Lim!

Signings abound! Get your new copy of Warlock:Rebirth signed by Ramblin' Ron Marz hisself, near the homestead in New York - April 22 at POW! Comics and Games and on April 23 at Excellent Adventures! Check out Rons Appearances page for more info!

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