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Join forces with three comic legends in creating a new cosmic saga!


by Ron Marz, Andy Lanning and Rick Leonardi


Ron Marz, Andy Lanning, and Rick Leonardi have produced epic stories spanning the Marvel and DC Universes, and even a galaxy far, far away. Now they’re joining forces to create their own cosmic playground, populating it with compelling characters and intriguing situations. With your help, we can make it a reality!

RESOLUTION is the tale of Xaan Maddox, a legendary member of the outer-space corps of heroes known as The Resolute. Now retired, Xaan Maddox has withdrawn to a remote world in solitude. Having quit THE RESOLUTE to live out her retirement on a remote world, she tends floating gravity seas, harvesting fish to scratch out a living. It’s the simple, solitary life she wants.

But former comrades arrive and attempt to recruit her to again don the exo-suit, so they can bring to justice an alien warlord who is Xaan’s former arch-nemesis. What follows forces Xaan to confront her own past, and places the entire universe in deadly peril.

THE RESOLUTE is a cosmic peacekeeping force, with members recruited from a vast array of worlds, administered by mysterious alien species known as THE HILT. Agents of the RESOLUTE are called BLADES.

Once recruited, young cadets undergo The Process, during which they are bonded with an exo-suit, fitted with skin-jacks embedded at the base of the neck, spine, wrists, and ankles. The exo-suit becomes part of each recruit, remaining bonded for life. The exo-suit can be summoned at will, generated by the skin-jacks.

The suits transmute cosmic energy called Dark Matter, granting the ability to survive the vacuum of space, super-strength and resilience, and the ability to generate energy weapons and blasts. BLADES have protected the universe time and time again. Xaan Maddox was the greatest of them. Perhaps she will be again…


We’re in the early, exciting stages of RESOLUTION, so Andy and Rick and Ron want to take the opportunity make the graphic novel’s creative process as inclusive as possible. While stopping short of any spoilers that would impact enjoyment of the completed story, the creation of the pages will be shared whenever possible. Supporters can be involved as the graphic novel takes shape, including opportunities for input or even being drawn into the book!

The entire process will be documented in the RESOLUTION COMPANION book, a 48-page comic-size volume that chronicles the complete creation of the graphic novel. The COMPANION will provide a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse at all stages of the story’s evolution, from script to layouts, pencils, inks, color, and lettering. Featuring extensive commentary from Ron Marz, Andy Lanning, and Rick Leonardi, the RESOLUTION COMPANION is perfect for process junkies, aspiring creators, and fans of superior storytelling.

We hope you take this cosmic journey with us!


Ron Marz began his comics career with an acclaimed run on Silver Surfer, before moving on the Green Lantern, where he created the Kyle Rayner character. In this three decades of writing comics, he has worked for every major publisher and penned dozens of titles, including ThorSuperboyStar WarsWitchblade, the epic Marvel vs. DC crossover, Batman vs. Aliens, and many more. Ron teamed with Andy Lanning on DC’s recent Endless Winter crossover.

Andy Lanning has carved out a storied comics career as both a writer and inker, including the relaunch of Guardians of the Galaxy series that became the basis for the blockbuster movie franchise. Andy’s many credits include Legion of Super-HeroesNovaInfinite CrisisUltimate Spider-Man, and Kingsman. Andy teamed with Ron Marz on DC’s recent Endless Winter crossover.

Known as an “artist’s artist,” Rick Leonardi has been drawing comics for more than four decades, gracing a wide array of titles with his fluid, unique style. His many credits include Uncanny X-MenAmazing Spider-ManCloak and DaggerJustice LeagueStar WarsNightwing, and Spider-Man 2099.



Andy Lanning Pencils & Inks:


We expect the book to be done roughly 4 months after a successfully funded campaign and then sent off to the printers. We then estimate the whole process to get everything made, shipped to our fulfillment partner and sent out to all supporters to be another 3 months.

So estimated delivery is March 2022 - and we'll keep you updated every step along the way!


If you're a retailer and you wish to support the campaign by ordering your own exclusive variant cover/dust jacket featuring any of the collaborating artists' works that are revealed as the campaign progresses, write us at and we'll let you know minimum orders and pricing!

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